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Sheltered from oceanic winds and tides, the northwestern area of Aruba has become a holiday haven, perfected by the tourism industry. Whether swimming or snorkeling in the calm blue water, engaging in water sports, or joining beautiful sunset cruises, it's quite difficult to get bored there. Funny Flamingos and refreshing divi trees are characteristic parts of the scenery. You'll find the best entertainment in the popular areas of Palm and Eagle Beach, and in Oranjestad, the charming and compact capital city.  Visit the desert-like Arikok National Park at the heart of the island, and discover its variety of indigenous flora, wildlife, and exquisite rock formations.  For a unique treat, visit the Aruba Ostrich Farm.

The weather in Aruba is always nice, with an average temperature of around 82°F at all times of the year. Budget-wise, the best time to visit Aruba is from April to December, during the low season. During the rest of the year, prices increase significantly as more tourists come down from the north to escape winter. The perceived temperature is a bit hotter in September, when trade winds cease.

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